UI/UX Design


Achieve UI and UX masterpiece without learning countless lessons

We’re laser-focused on your client’s online behavior, interests, desires and needs. Using these insights, we craft UI and UX design, custom-tailored for your specific audience.


UI/UX That Shoots up Conversions


You need a specifically-designed website built for your audience. One which provides unforgettable experience and keeps your customers urging to come back for more. A striking appearance which skyrockets you above competition. That’s where OpenSight comes in the play.

We have a needle-like focus on every detail of the design and experience. Our experts make sure your website has the largest impact on your customers and gleams like a beacon to new potential clients.

Check some of the things we can do for you:


User Research Insights

The first step we take towards a high-conversion website is getting to know your audience. Our team works closely with you to analyze your business’s buyer persona. Afterwards, we do an in-depth research of your target audience and analyze their:

  • Online behavior;
  • Attitude towards your business, products and competition;
  • Their desires, needs and how you can provide solutions to their problems; and
  • Particular interests;

After we acquire and segment the data, we form a strategy to find the best touchpoints in your buyer’s journey. Using these insights, we establish a website that focuses on captivating user interface and strong user experience.


Wireframing and Mockups


Firstly, our customer mapping process is designed to thoroughly explore your consumer’s journey. We develop UI and UX strategy to attract potential customers, keep them engaged and aware of your brand and turn them into loyal customers in no-time.
Secondly, working closely with you, our team creates wireframes and design guide elements based on your customer’s needs. We will guide you on the best solutions and advise you on what makes the greatest impact.
And lastly, we build high-fidelity mockups of your website following your feedback to bring your dream idea to fruition.


Reactive Prototype In Just 3 Simple Steps


Our clients come first. And we make sure your wishes are always on-time, providing fast prototype turnaround during our stages of development. You will have a completely reactive test page as a firsthand experience of your website ui and ux design in just 3 simple steps:

  • Firstly, we translate your desires, needs and feedback from our mockup designs into a workable prototype.
  • Secondly, after closely reviewing it with you, our team takes all your suggestions and notes in order to apply them to the final design.
  • Lastly, we do the final touches of the User experience design and your website is ready to go live!

Mobile App Design/Web App Design


Think you do not need a mobile friendly website? Think again! 82% of the consumers use their phones to make an online search before a purchase. 
Thus, to ensure continuity and high conversion rates across all platforms and gadgets, we formulate a complete design guide. Our team designs wireframes and mockups which reflect your brand’s identity and are test-ready at any time.
In our development process, we use Adobe XD and Figma to create fully-functional prototypes. All our designs are carefully structured to be recognisable to your brand, primary website and focused on your audience.


Get Engaging, high-conversion UI and UX Design like an Expert!