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The client

Vision Build by Design is an established business founded in 2017. Serving Bedfordshire and the Home Counties, it delivers premium design home renovation and home improvement projects. Working closely with their interior design partners, they build, renovate, and convert properties by bringing together a team that understands their client’s vision, utilising the vast industry experience required to deliver the highest quality results.

The challenge

When the economic climate changed as a result of COVID-19, the team at Vision understood that they needed to adapt. With people now reconsidering whether to spend or save in these unsettled times, they needed to reach out to new clients via a professionally designed website that attracts, engages and converts.

Traditionally, Visons reputation alone was enough that customer referrals and word of mouth provided a constant funnel of new projects. The challenge now was to reach a wider audience and engage with those considering renovating or extending their homes rather than moving and buying in an uncertain world, by creating an attractive website experience. The aim being to demonstrate project knowledge and specialist expertise in order to engage website visitors, convert them to leads and ultimately to a new home renovation or design projects.

The team at OpenSight worked closely with Vision Build by Design to define the optimal customer journey and brand identity experience to achieve the goal of gaining new projects.

VBD Website
Styleguide VBD
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The solution

A key element of the process was to work with Vision to map out their previous renovation and design projects and highlight visually the challenges and successes of each one. Our aim, by telling an almost first-hand personal story of previous customer projects, was to gain the trust, both on a professional and personal level of the website visitor.

Also, we wanted to bring out a really fresh modern feel by dialling up the visual appeal of the brand, resulting in a clean, contemporary, professional website, with an engaging story to tell.

The result

A clean, modern website design that captures everything about Vision Build by Design. The new website tells the story of customer experience in a way that engages its audience, inspires new home design ideas and makes them the “go to” choice for improvement and renovation of any kind. The feedback received so far has been really positive, with new lead generation now being converted into home improvement and design projects.

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