Paid Marketing


Move ahead of competition using a valid Pay Per Click strategy that maximises lead generation

OpenSight, as a PPC Agency, supercharges your marketing campaigns with data-driven analysis and research. We help you unlock new possibilities for sustainable growth, bringing you products in front of your audience.


Pay Per Click Strategy & PPC Services

Using a bespoke plan focused on your brand’s voice and intended audiences, we craft pay per click strategy which provides laser-targeted visibility. In combination with your organic marketing, OpenSight devises a powerful method that lifts your conversion rate.
Our business intelligence technologies allow us to closely monitor campaign impact, your audience behaviour and the ad’s overall performance. We expertly strategise for each platform, adjusting the content to always stay relevant and effective in the digital world.
OpenSight’s PPC Services are designed just for you, establishing a path for your promotions and advertisements to always get the attention of the right customers.

open-sight-google ads

Google Ads

At first sight, creating Google campaigns seems terrifying for the inexperienced eye and a lot of times, it will drain your budget quickly if you do not have the knowledge of optimising it. OpenSight is there to help you maximise your Google Ads ROI, making sure your pay per click strategy actually performs in correlation with your goals.
Closely monitoring your campaigns we deliver more relevant traffic to your website and convert them into leads. As a PPC Agency with experience, OpenSight will constantly optimize your keywords list, revise your ad copy and design landing pages that actually convert.


Facebook & Instagram Ads


Knowing how to analyse data to create facebook ads can be a catalyst to your business growth. We design strategies based on your audience behavior and interests, increasing visitor-to-lead conversion rates and strengthening the relationship between you and your current audience.
Our ad campaigns provide relevant traffic, engagement and rank growth to your Facebook and Instagram presence, while also stepping up your website relevance score. Do not drain your budget anymore. We can help you make your ad campaigns actually perform!


Amazon Ads


Amazon ads is the third largest advertisement platform online. Although it’s not for everybody, we include it in our services, as it still proves beneficial for many businesses – especially for those considering PPC ad campaigns.

Before we suggest this tactic to you, we study your brand and ideal audience and then steer your marketing campaign in the best direction.


LinkedIn Ads


LinkedIn is a cradle for business professionals who continually grow their agencies or careers. Get the maximum of your LinkedIn Ad campaigns with our professional advertising services. OpenSight can help you land your dream clients and supercharge your B2B marketing campaigns.
Our pay per click strategies push the limits of your targeting, deliver high-quality leads to your business, elevate your digital presence and nurture your current client’s relationship.


Don’t waste a single penny on campaigns that won’t convert!

Let’s create powerful ads that actually bring customers and increase your brand awareness in the digital space.