Graphic/Print Design


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How to eliminate competition and get loyal customers without working 24/7? Leave that to OpenSight. Our graphic designers craft extraordinary visuals meant to elevate your brand to the next level.


Graphic/Print Design

Using the right approach, we create compelling visual material to attract potential clients, grow your customer base and keep them coming back to you. All of our visual material is tailored for your specific audience’s interests, placing your business ahead of competition.

As a Graphic Design Agency, we nurture your brand identity and reputation in multiple fronts, including:

  • digital graphics designing for your websites, apps and online presence; and
  • Striking print design for all your physical, promotional material.

Personalised Stationery

In an era where consumers are overwhelmed by ads and marketing, stationery is a subtle, yet effective way to establish brand awareness. Using previously analysed data of your target audience, we create personalised designs that echo your brand and mission to unobtrusively reach the right people.

Our graphic design services include creation of letterheads, compliment slips, business cards, flyers and brochures, signage and custom package design. And you can rest assured that all of your print materials have the same consistent design; eye-catchy and recognisable.


Customised Business Cards


Although the digital era changed much of the marketing we do today, it seems that the “good old” business cards are still going strong. We custom-design your business cards to reflect your company’s unique values, mission and culture. 

When done right, they can be a valuable asset that nurtures your company’s reputation, giving customers the appearance of a credible, reliable and professional business. Each card we design is specifically made for our clients, unique to your business and aligned to your company’s goals and beliefs.


Quality-Designed Brochures and Flyers


Ink on paper

OpenSight creates dynamic brochures that can speak your brand language, increase sales and intrigue your clients. Our team fosters creativity. Having a well conceived brochure designed with your consumer’s best interest in mind can be a huge push to your business’s reputation.

Besides our client-focused brochures, we also provide flyers for your every need; from simple ones to entire catalogues. All our flyers are designed to drive your leads into the customers stage, encouraging them to take a step in the right direction – instant purchase. As a graphic design agency, crafting customized, innovative flyer designs that motivate sales is our speciality.


Interactive ink

Our graphic design services go beyond one medium, ensuring your brand is always in the mind of your consumers. We design interactive sales flyers which further expand your visual storytelling through stunning designs. Your print brochure can be turned into an interactive PDF, and vice versa, strengthening your brand’s presence on any device.


Distinguished Signages


Having an eye-catching, memorable signage can grasp the attention of consumers, as well as increase your sales and reputation. Here are 3 Alarming Things You Must Know before designing your Signage:

  • Your signage’s colors must reflect your brand mission & strategy
  • Design and forms must be consistent with your brand voice
  • Establishing a concept for your brand’s mission and goal

Our expert designers set high standards in delivering unique, recognisable door signages, wall-mounted signage systems and murals. Signs set your customer’s initial expectations of what your brand has to offer. They need to easily communicate your brand identity and encourage customers to keep coming back for more.


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