Email Marketing


Email marketing strategy that builds trust and encourages engagement with your clients

We design highly-personalized emails for your audience, at the right time, with a content focused on your client’s needs. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives growth.


Our Email Marketing Strategy 

Nurturing the relationship with your audience is the key to growing your business. Our email marketing services consist of collecting and analysing your customers, establishing a buyer persona, analysing their behavior and finding solutions to their needs. 
Whether it’s just an automated email or newsletter, we design our content depending on which stage of the sales funnel a particular customer is.
Every client is unique and therefore, we formulate a laser-focused strategy for your email campaigns that resonate with that particular customer’s interests.


Content Planning

The right email pitched in the right direction at the right time can cause a major transformation to your sales, turning cold leads into loyal customers. In order to establish captivating content, we use a data-driven approach to find out what your audience loves to see, what are their interests and how you can provide them a solution. Planning the right content requires continuous listening to your customers, keeping an eye on the email performance in order to maximise the success of your email campaigns. We design eye-catchy, personalized emails that lead to increased engagement and better click-through rates.


Email Newsletter Design


Our talented designers will work closely with you to create an alluring, professional and clean email template which echoes your brand’s identity and mission. Whether it’s simple RSS-to-email feeds or complex automations, OpenSight has got you covered.
We engage in establishing a humanized email newsletter list that grows steadily and raises your reputation with all mailbox providers. Having personalized, striking visual content generates traffic and nurtures engagement with your audience.


Automation and Reporting


As part of our email marketing strategy, we also use automated, carefully-crafted messages to remind and incentivise customers to return to your site. We have the knowledge, the data and the tools to ensure that your messaging always reaches the right audience.
Automated email marketing saves time and increases efficiency for your business – improving customer engagement by sending messages relevant to particular clients. By studying customer behaviour and campaign metrics, we adapt your strategies to provide high click-through rate, increase your conversions and lower your unsubscribes.


Compliance & GDPR


How many times have your marketing emails been sent right to the spam folder? In most cases, that could be due to several factors: bad audience targeting, sending content which does not resonate with a particular client, as well as poorly optimised email.
We care about your rights and your customers’ privacy. Our team makes sure that every content is completely GDPR-compliant and optimised to grasp your customer’s attention, retain it and enhance your lead generation.


Do not let an ill-conceived email marketing strategy pull you away from your clients.

Together, let’s bring your business’s digital presence and reputation right where they should be!