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Email Marketing (Still The Best Lead Generation Strategy)

by | Aug 2, 2021


Even with the rapidly evolving pace of social media, it seems that the latest marketing studies show that, Email Marketing is still the Best Lead Generation Strategy. According to Email Tool Tester, 59% of the people stated that marketing emails were the reason for them to buy a certain product. The right email marketing strategy establishes a close connection between you and your consumers and as a result, both the clients and the businesses enjoy a range of benefits.

A few helpful facts we can distinguish from countless email marketing experiments include:

  • Welcome emails have the highest open rates
  • Emails were opened more on a desktop rather than on mobile
  • Abandoned cart emails have three times greater conversion rate
  • Personalized emails that include your client’s name, images, emojis and headers all have a higher impact on click-through rates.
  • Emails under 200 words long have the most engagement
  • When will you send your email actually matters

A few reasons why is The Best Lead Generation Strategy

It is widely known among marketers that using the right marketing strategy to engage with your customer has a return of investment of 42$ for every $1 spent. That’s the highest return than any other form of marketing. According to 80% of the professionals (WBR Digital) say that “email marketing drives customer acquisition and retention”. Moreover, one of the major benefits of email marketing is using automation. Simple messages like – a welcome email when a customer subscribes to your list, or an email reminder can grow your customer base. These are more than a few reasons to confirm that Email Marketing still remains the best lead generation strategy. The largest benefit of using marketing automation is saving time, closely followed by lead generation.

BUT, A New Challenge is on the Horizon

You have probably heard about Apple’s announcement which includes several new features crafted to assist iOS users in a way that will control how some apps access and leverage personal data. More specifically, the Mail Privacy Protection – a new email feature set to launch later in 2021 and will be able to block the ability of email senders from collecting information and tracking the recipients.

Firstly, this means that the old way of tracking email campaign metrics will no longer be viable. Also, countdown timers and other dynamic content such as live-package delivery trackers will no longer work. Secondly, the geographic targeting of consumers will be affected to a certain degree e.g. if the location comes from IP Information of a previous activity in opening mails, it will most likely be irrelevant. Will this affect the status of being the best lead generation strategy in the marketing field? No.


How can businesses deal with the latest changes?

Focus on the campaign metrics of your email that are important to your ultimate goal. Is it the conversion rate, earnings per email? Maybe check your click rate or other engagement statistics which are more relevant to your goal. Optimize your campaigns carefully towards improving the most important key performance indicators (KPIs). After all, email marketing still remains the best lead generation tool. Throughout the years, digital marketers have optimized their email marketing strategies for open rates. But, analysing the data we can clearly see that it has always been a not-so-reliable metric, far before the upcoming Apple update. Infographics show that the open rates seemed inaccurate and several factors affected these metrics. Do your best to identify the real goal of your email campaigns. Is it to send a recipient to a landing page? To fill out a form, maybe?

Last, but not least…

If you’re still having doubts about whether your email marketing strategy will perform as expected even after the Apple update, check out our Email Marketing Services.

OpenSight’s email marketing strategy builds trust. It encourages engagement with highly-personalized emails focused on your target audience and is the right hook to generate leads and grow your customer base. Let us show you why having a bespoke, data-based email marketing is the best lead generation tool for your business. Let’s talk right away!

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