Cloud Computing


You Just Need an Eye-Catchy Website to Get Your Consumers, Right? Wrong!

5 Mind-Blowing Features of Cloud Computing to Ensure Your Business is Well-Protected and Performing Flawlessly.


Beyond Amazing Design

Yes. We agree that having an awesome looking, mobile friendly website nowadays is a MUST. But, think again! You need a digital “storefront” which is always open, constantly updated and lightning-speed responsive. 

Furthermore, poor web protection could seriously damage your business and make you lose thousands of pounds before you know it.

We provide a web hosting service and cloud computing where we handle all the backend for you. As you focus on your goals, we stand behind your back improving website performance and guarding your brand from incoming threats.

Sounds a wee bit complicated, doesn’t it? Not to worry! We’ll handle all the backend for you, so all you have to think about it is showing off your intelligent, cloud-enabled site to potential customers.


Security, Speed and Resilience

OpenSight constantly monitors all aspects of your website including lightning-speed loading to reduce customer bounce rate, consumer retention and increased traffic numbers. Our experts do constant checking of security to ward off alarming threats that may damage your reputation and make you lose a lot of time and money.

Let’s go through our cloud computing services:

  • High-quality hosting service from a UK-based hosting server
  • Lightning-speed loading that drives excellent performance on search engines and guarantees lower bounce rates.
  • Domain hosting services that facilitate your online presence
  • Cloud hosting services that enable flexibility and scalability of your website and app
  • Regular cloud backups to secure your online information and prevent data loss
  • Regular malware scans, site monitoring and web protection to prevent security threats and cyber attacks
  • A stable website that will hold on its own during a possible attack

App Development


How to reduce your bounce rate and blast sales without spending money on a lot of persuading content? Start from the beginning – you need a mobile app. OpenSight translates your website to an optimised, easy-to-use application which significantly lowers your buyer’s journey. We design mobile apps which reflect your brand’s voice, brand mission and allow for more intimate and personalised interaction. 

Say goodbye to the countless steps that push customers away. Our application designers and web developers will work closely with you to create your dream application. We will ensure that it resonates with your brand, is fully operational across all devices and regularly updated.


Care Plans


You need more traffic to your website, right? Wrong!
The traffic is not the problem. What we need to focus on is the conversion rate and how many of your visitors actually become your customers.

You have underperforming conversion rates? Check out our Care Plans – a unique, all-in-one web management service. Our Care Plans are a number of combined services, specifically handpicked by experts to supercharge your online presence and make your brand stand out among the competition.

We integrate content management services, BI Dashboards, Web Hosting Services, Daily Updates, Security management services, machine learning tools and a lot more. Our Care Plans are carefully crafted to work for any business in any niche, guaranteed! The web management service we provide you with three types of Care Plans that can fit any budget: MICRO, MEGA and GIGA.

Let’s discover what causes those low bounce rates and keeps your customers away.

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