Business Intelligence


Say Goodbye to Money Wasting Ads by Targeting Clients with Powerful Digital Marketing Analytics Tools

What if there is a way to get data-driven insights to boost your strategies and business decisions? Have you been doing targeting wrong? (And does it really matter?)


Business Intelligence

Let us show you how Digital Marketing Analytics can bring you closer to your goals. We have the experts to handle big data and execute atomic analysis on your target audience.

Then, we provide you easy-to-digest and easy-to-manage solutions. Our data science tools enable you a detailed insight into your consumers’ lives, so that you can plan the best steps for your business’s prosperity. Here are Three Ways We Can Help You Get to Know Your Consumer Base:


Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboards

Our BI Dashboards convert large-scale data into visually understandable formats, easy to analyse, study and make decisions effortlessly. As a data analysis company, we provide data which saves you time and resources, presenting valuable information about your consumers in real time.

One thing that distinguishes us from the competition is highly-customized, personalized dashboards built according to your individual strategy. We implement custom KPI add-ons and Care Plans to our dashboards. Our data science tools empower your online presence based on your brand’s goals and strategies.


Business Metrics & KPI’s


How to never worry about reaching your goals on-time? By knowing your business metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs). We guide you in identifying your target metrics and KPIs based on your business’s goals. It sounds easy, right? But, only if you know how to interpret in-depth digital marketing analytics. 

OpenSight will acquire the right data for you and interpret it using machine-learning algorithms. Then, our team of professionals will proceed in strategizing the ways to improve your overall performance level and achieve your goals.


Digital Marketing Analytics


OpenSight’s data science tools allow us to monitor every aspect of your business and analyse whether it’s meeting its optimal levels. We measure the performance of your employees, departments and management tasks and provide you with a detailed report of your business’s growth statistics. Furthermore, our experts are always there to support you and advise you on the ways to improve.

We are a data analysis company focused on your brand’s success. Our real-time business analytics and insights help you make sure that your business runs as efficiently as possible. Moreover, we track your marketing campaigns’ progress, sales strategy and digital traffic on online platforms. We are always on call to provide help on the best course of action and answer any burning questions or concerns you have about your business.

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