Business Analytics


Always Be In Front of Your Consumers Without Doing a Single Research

OpenSight has the ways to do the research for you. Our business intelligence and analytics tools make sure all your big data is segmented, providing you the information you actually need!


The Real Truth about Business Analytics

Let’s face it. Doing Business Analytics nowadays can be quite complicated and time-consuming, sidetracking you from the rest of your business goals. With OpenSight, it doesn’t have to be. Here are 3 Things Why:

  • We employ the latest machine learning technology to provide you with accurate, actionable insights to boost your brand’s performance.
  • We use data-driven dashboards to help you strategise and plan concrete steps towards your business goals.
  • Our data scientists will guide you each step of the way in developing models and analytics systems, custom-tailored specifically to your business needs.

Descriptive Analytics

Although acquiring large amounts of data allows more accurate and precise analytics in the long run, there is also a lot of unprocessed and unusable data that you must sift through. Segmenting and finding the data you need can be strikingly time-consuming and overwhelming if done wrong.

OpenSight has the latest data mining tools operated by a team of experts. We thoroughly analyze past data, doing Descriptive Analytics, transforming it into valuable insights for future actions. We have the means to help you gather and process all the relevant information, as well as interpret complex data into usable knowledge.


Predictive Analytics


We use the latest forecasting models and advanced machine learning systems to deliver the most accurate results for your business’s performance. Moreover, Opensight runs predictive analytics simulations to analyse potential threats and inform you on-time. After developing your predictive model, we do regular updates to ensure all forecasts are up-to-date.

With our feedback, you can know the most likely outcomes before making a decision or implementing a plan that may affect your brand. The strategy recommendations we provide will help you focus on areas that need improvement which, in turn, saves a lot on resources and boosts your business’s efficiency.


Prescriptive Analytics


Say goodbye to scouring endless data and research to improve your business performance. Our Business Analytics tools go through all your results of forecasts and turn them into actionable plans that boost your journey towards your business goals.

Even better, beyond statistical analysis, we also sit with you and help you make sense of the numbers. Together, we discover the most efficient courses of action to take to reach your set goals. Our Business Analytics tools and strategies are specifically designed to help you shred your competition and conquer your goals – Guaranteed!

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