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7 Powerful Facts Why Social Media Marketing

by | Aug 16, 2021

Planning out a social media marketing strategy can be difficult if a beginner marketer does not know the ways to approach it. With over 3 billion people active on social media, having a social media marketing strategy is a crucial channel in your business growth. Both new and well-established brands utilize the power of social media to grow their consumers base, increase their sales and generate leads, as well as nurture their relationships with existing customers.
So, what’s the catch? Well, social media marketers have the obligation of multiple roles such as being content creators, community managers, data magicians, videographers and photographers and everything which is necessary to make your brand stand out in a constantly evolving field of marketing. A bespoke strategy that worked just a week ago could change in an instant and knowing how to analyse the data and adapt is the key in the ever-growing world of social media.

Let’s check some Social Media Marketing Ideas for Small businesses and see how your brand can benefit immensely by using social media:

1. Define your Goals and KPIs

It’s imperative that you define clear, attainable and timely goals for your social media marketing strategy. These KPIs will be the driving force. Your goals must also be specific and measurable. Think about, what do you want your social media marketing strategy to do for your brand. Increase brand awareness? Engage with customers and boost up some brand loyalty? Generate new leads? Remember, your goals must be specific and measurable.

2. Research your Target Audience

Yes, we know it can take quite some time to find your perfect customer. Find out where does your consumers go on social media, which are their needs and concerns. Researching your target audience will define everything, starting from on which social platforms should your brand be, your way of communication and every single bit of content you put out. It’s a Must that you figure out who your target demographic is and which social networks do they use.

3. Take a look at your competitors

It’s time to “spy” on the competitors in your niche. Analyse their marketing strategy, content, the way of communication with consumers. See what really works and what doesn’t. Check out which posts performed the best according to your previously set goals. Check out what is the ounce that makes their strategy perform well. Use, tweak and edit these data to suit your needs and your marketing efforts to boost up your social media marketing.


4. Provide value

The key to growing on social media is building a community. People who are relevant, engage with your content and will constantly come back for more. The first step of your journey would be to introduce yourself and your brand, make the community notice you. Let’s start by communicating with potential customers through the comments section in a way that you help them solve a particular question. The next step would be providing content of value, something that your audience will find beneficial and useful to their needs.

5. Optimise your scheduling

Use your social media analysis tools to establish when your audience is most active. Keep in mind that these data can vary a lot and continuous monitoring of these stats is the only way to make your strategy work. You can use tools like HootSuite, Buffer or SocialPilot to automatically post your content at a specific time and make sure your audience sees your work. You’ll need to create a social media calendar based on your previous research. Scheduling tools are a great addition to your social media marketing and can help you reach your audiences more efficiently, even if they are in different time zones.

6. Use the power of storytelling

As human beings, we are touched by stories, the emotional impact that brands build with their audiences. It’s not the products that sell, it’s the stories. Utilize the power of storytelling to inspire your target audience and encourage them to interact with your content. Sharing content that resonates with your audience and ignites that emotional spark in your consumers can go a long way for your social media marketing strategy.


7. Leverage the power of your connections

As the name itself implies, social media networks are used for socializing. They’re the perfect tool to nurture your relationship with your consumers and establish brand loyalty. Use these networks as part of your social media marketing strategy to create relationships with people of influence in your niche that have a large following base. Collaborating with influencers can have a significant impact on your success. A simple share or retweet can make your brand acquire hundreds of new potential customers.

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