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5 Amazing Web Trends to Keep An Eye On in 2021

by | Aug 9, 2021

Being able to analyse the digital market, foresee changes and adapt to the upcoming trends is a very important trait in this highly competitive market. The digital world is constantly evolving and adapting to the needs of the customers. New technologies are on the rise which will change the way companies and individuals build and maintain websites. Check out these 5 major web trends and get ready for the new digital era:

Web Trends #1 – Motion UI

A bespoke user experience is becoming more and more important nowadays, with companies facing challenges to establish beautifully looking websites and apps, but simple and easy to navigate at the same time. This highly efficient way of making your visual design go viral will continue to be popular even in 2022. Minimalistic, simplified, easy to use designs will still be trending in years to come. However, a significant change that experts foresee as a web trend will be new ways of using motion UI. Motion User Interface is becoming more and more accessible due to the SASS libraries technology. One important statistic that experts noticed is that the motion user interface has proven to be a great way to get users’ attention. By using custom animation and CSS transitions powered by stand-alone libraries, reduces the development and builds time of a digital product, therefore reducing overall costs.


Web Trends #2 – Artificial Intelligence and Bots

Yes, you’re right. Chatbots will still be the most popular instruments to serve consumers even in 2021. Even better, artificial intelligence will become even more self-learning and will understand the customer’s needs and behaviour. A stunning fact is that they can save a huge amount of money for businesses by working 24/7 and replacing support managers. This rise of artificial intelligence and bots as a web trends will have a huge effect on User Experience and web design. This machine learning technology will include high-quality problem-solving, human-like experience and in-depth behaviour analytics.


Web Trends #3 – Automation Testing

Another rising web development trend will be Automation testing. It is a tool using machine learning and AI approach to establish complex projects. Using the right approach of using automation testing can bring the best testing coverage, tech problem detection and transparency. It will highly reduce the development costs and testing times of a company, ensuring the best product for less money. Automation testing will provide bespoke ways to be in front of your competitors with a better quality product to serve your customers.




Web Trends #4 – Accelerated Mobile Pages

Well, thanks to Twitter and Google for developing an open-source plugin, soon we’ll have fast opening mobile pages and reduced risk of bouncing off our customers. Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMPs are optimised pages that have a fast opening time, as well as a simplified and eye-catchy design that contains only the basic features. According to the latest statistics, the digital world is becoming more and more user-oriented. The AMP Plugin being part of the upcoming web trends, can help reach users who use both 5G Internet technologies, all the way to users who have slow internet speeds and as a result, it will help smaller companies compete with other giants in their particular niche.


Web Trends #5 – Voice Search Optimisation

It seems that our future will turn out to be more voice-command oriented than spending your time writing text. Smart Devices can recognise the voices of different people and provide a bespoke experience for every user thanks to an amazing AI-learning algorithm. As we can see from the latest research, in 2021, people preferred spending less time typing and using voice commands instead since it saved them time and smart devices clearly understood their requests. By having voice search optimisation implemented on your website, it can save a lot of time for the user and allow him to order more. Also, it increases your brand loyalty by providing them a quick way to get the product/service they need.

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