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4 Sneaky Brand Awareness Tips to Make You Succeed

by | Aug 23, 2021


Brand Awareness is the usual term as to how familiar and “aware” clients are with the qualities of a particular brand or its products. When we talk about branding, the first thing that pops into our mind is slogans, logos and the colour palette. The giants spend thousands, even millions on their branding, focusing hard to outcompete their competitors and stand out in the market. So, you wonder, how can I deal with these “titans” when I do not have that cash for brand awareness? Will my brand remain in the dark pit of the Internet while these guys make all of the money? Well, fortunately, the world has changed a lot in the past few years, especially during the pandemic when we realised that digital branding turns out to be the primary tool for brand awareness. The internet algorithms level up the field for you and your competitors and having a bespoke marketing strategy can help your business supercharge its brand awareness and recognition.

Regardless of the quality of your business’s products and services, how much cash you spent on advertising or how many times per day you posted on social media, your brand will not survive if you do not have a brand to set yourself apart. Having an analytically established brand strategy can bring you many benefits, including customer loyalty, credibility, brand equity, consistency, customer recognition, confidence and shared values with your audience. The more people are aware of your brand and they trust it, the easier it will be for your company to build a strong business reputation, establish new consumers, successfully present bespoke products and services and promote your business across multiple channels. Building brand awareness is not something that occurs overnight. It takes time, effort, constant research and analysis to make sure your brand is always in the eyes of your consumers.

Here are a few tips that will most definitely help you power up your brand awareness and recognition:



A strongly focused brand uses consistency to outcompete its competitors. Knowing how to leverage your website, social media, email marketing strategies and other tools using brand consistency can boost up your benefits like none before. Your brand speaks your story and people love hearing stories. But, in order to provide the consistency that attracts, engages and ignites an emotional spark in your target audience, firstly, you need to have an established brand strategy. To establish brand awareness, you will need to really know who your audience is, what they care about, what they fear, define your Ideal Buyer Persona. Secondly, define your Unique Selling Point and what sets you apart from your competitors.


Guest Blogging

Another way to boost your brand awareness is by guest blogging or widely known as “guest posting”. If you’re not familiar with this term, it means writing content for another company’s website. Usually, guest blogging is used by content creators to supercharge their domain authority by using external links to high-quality websites, increase their brand awareness and credibility, establish valuable relationships with peers in their niche and of course, attract traffic to their website. Keep in mind that your guest posting needs to provide super valuable, eye-catchy content – high-quality stuff, something that is memorable and leaves a lasting impression.



A great hint to raising brand awareness for a local-oriented business is to establish local partnerships. Partner with other local businesses to join forces on any upcoming seminars or festivals. The benefits of a partnership can be tremendously good for your brand awareness and recognition. You can sponsor local sports teams and provide donations to charity events.


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Influencer marketing

Just like in real life, finding friends in those “high places” is a great way to supercharge your brand awareness and recognition. Establish a marketing strategy on how to reach out to existing influencers in your industry. Use your partner’s influencer network to promote your brand and bring it in front of new audiences. By using endorsements, service and product mentions from influencers – people who have a huge dedicated social following, your brand awareness will be over the top. You wonder why does Influencer marketing works? It’s mainly because these influencers are seen as experts in their niche, because of the amount of following and trust they built up and their recommendations are in a way – social proof that assures people of your brand’s quality.

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